How to Go About Negotiating for a Better Pay
Straits Times
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To get a good outcome, start by being prepared.
FEW employees are really ever quite satisfied with their pay packet. Perhaps for a brief spell of contentment after a decent pay rise, Oliver-like inclinations to say: 'Please sir, may I have some more?' may subside a little.

The Negotiator Journey to Perfection
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Perfect negotiators explore all the facets of a negotiation. They negotiate value, but also process and relationship.

The Art of the Deal: Is Ethics in the Picture?
INSEAD Knowledge
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Can you walk away from the negotiating table with a contract in your pocket and your ethics intact?

Value Negotiation
Maeil Business Newspaper
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How to Get Your Way in Negotiation
Human Resourses Online
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The difference between a "win-lose" and "win-win" situation is the level of power two parties choose to demonstrate during negotiation.

The Pursuit of Value
INSEAD Knowledge
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It’s all too easy, if you have the upper hand in negotiations – whether it be through information asymmetry or generally a more favourable position -- to make full use of a power play in negotiations to get what you want, with the winner taking all and the loser walking away empty-handed.

Negotiate Value, Not Price, To Achieve Better Business Outcomes
Investor's Business Daily
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Some managers are so eager to be liked that they let employees run the show. A similar trap befalls poor negotiators.

Negotiating to Win
INSEAD Knowledge
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From the most mundane transaction to strategic high-level boardroom dealings,
knowing how to negotiate is integral to success and survival. Yet few have mastered
the art of successful value negotiation.